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My Recent Video's

Inside Edition invited most of the Annie’s to NYC to celebrate the 40th Anniversary! So much fun!

This video isn’t the greatest, but I’m so happy to have this. Keene Curtis played my Daddy Warbucks and he was… amazing! My favorite part of every night was when Keene would sing, Something Was Missing. I hope I find a video of him singing it, it was pure vocal magic. Also, I think we had the wrong track because I don’t remember every having to go into my soprano voice to sing the end of this song!

As I recall, I wasn’t actually doing the show by this point (hence the bad dye job), and the producers of Annie didn’t want me to be hired for it, they wanted one of their current Annies. But the project had been put together by Lee Mendelson, who was also the producer of the Peanuts cartoons, so… I got the job. It’s strange to be in theme park that’s closed with nobody there. You would think it would be cool… but it’s really not!
  • “ Life is like a bracelet…it has little jewels around it which are like the little bright moments that come along in our lives every now and then. ” - Peppermint Patty
  • “ The sun will come out tomorrow. ” - Annie
  • “ Money can’t make a man or woman . . . It isn’t who you are, nor what you have, but what you are that counts. ” - Molly Brown



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